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I am your local aerial photographer who's just dose not stop at the outside of the building but continue inside to get those 360 degree photographs that allow for complete viewing with leads to building a dream for this property. 

Being a part 107 FAA certified drone pilot allows me to operate in an airspace legally on a commercial bases. The FAA is just recently announced that they are going to be imposing new regulations for those people whom are going to flying drone for fun. The FAA is also cracking down and giving large fines on those people who use aerial photographs and have not passed the part 107 exam. 

I fly the most advanced drones which offer 5 direction obstical avoidance system, even flying at 30 mph the drone will stop preventing any damage from happening. 

If damage were to happen I do carry insurance that would pay for any damage done by the drone.

I use goggles which allow for me to view the point of view of the drone camera so I am able to get the drone into the right position.

After photographing the building with standard pictures I am able to take 360 degree photographs that allow for viewing of the surrounding area with only having to take one photo.

After we are done in the air we will then move into the inside of the building taking stunning quality 360 degree photographs allowing for complete viewing of a room with only having to take one photograph. 

Editing of these photo's are done using the newest version of photoshop to give that sharp quality that potential customers/clients are looking for. 


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